Re: Mysterious reboot

Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 12:57:20 +0000 (GMT)

> On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, Thomas Koenig wrote:
> huh, i think there is a pattern: [there were similar reports]
Mine was one of them..

> 1- you have NT activities on the net

> 2- 2.0.27 has the new SMBFS long filename fixes.
Happened to me with 2.0.26. Twice.. Downgraded back to 2.0.21 until a
solution is found.

> 3- you have SMBFS enabled, as a module, but you have long filename
> support compiled into the kernel. Isnt this lethal if the NT server
> broadcasts some silly SMB stuff and your idle machine has the module
> unloaded?
I had SMBFS and VFAT (is this the long file name stuff you meant?), and
anything else having to do with WinXX, *available* as modules only. I was
running kerneld, so it should automagically load the needed modules if
something like that happened. Shouldn't it?

But why in the world would it do that? I'm not mounting any drives from
the NT boxes, nor exporting anything, so why should Linux care what the NT
box does?

Both times it happened the NT machines were basically idle (they are servers
for the company tech support, management and Win* people - who had all gone
home), but the Linux box was pretty active. (Running the WWW proxy, sendmail,
named and more for a small ISP). The reboots both occurred during the
evening, when traffic is near its peak.

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