Re: Interesting kerneld(?) messages

Olaf Titz (
09 Dec 1996 12:47:21 +0100

Erik Walthinsen (Omega) <> wrote:
> Ouch, no kerneld for message 2147418834

This happens when kerneld has failed and doesn't read its message
queue. As I read ipc/msg.c, it should receive every message in one

> strange stuff ('(route-request <zombie>)' x 8).

If kerneld has stopped, run into an endless loop, forgot its signal
handler or other stuff that should not happen, this is likely to occur
along with the "Ouch, no kerneld" messages. Same if your system is
severely overloaded.

I have seen this myself at times. Stop and restart kerneld is the
easiest way to fix the situation.


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