Re: Linux VCR driver?

Eric Hoeltzel (
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 16:47:47 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, 2nb wrote:

> ok, let me give you some info about arvid (a device able to turn you vhs
> vcr into a backup device). there are 4 sold model ov the board:
> model speed price capacity on minimal harware config
> (kb/s) (usd) a E180 tape req. to ran at full speed
> 1010 100 1.05gb 286/16
> 1020 200 35 2.1gb 386dx33 (this model desn't
> work some motherboards)
> 1031 200 65 2.1gb 386dx33
> 1051 325 80 3.5gb 486dx100
> 1010 and 1020 model are no longer manufactured..
> arvid requires a vhs vcr pal or secam, but don' work on ntsc
> it controls the vcr via a led that you need to attach in the front of
> your vcr. it can learn your remote contcol command just like a programble
> remote control, and is shiped with a huje database of vcrs, so there is a
> big chace that you will need only to pick your vcr model from the list and
> it will work.. after you setup the ifra red control, the is a setup
> procedure to mesure time that you vct take to start playing, stop, rewind,
> etc..


Is there a solution to the NTSC/PAL issue? I am in the US.
Also, what does "secam" mean?