Re: Patch to support initrd with dynamic ramdisks.

Matthias Urlichs (
7 Dec 1996 01:38:22 +0100

In, article <>, (G.W. Wettstein) writes:
> My overall goal was to be able to use a compressed ramdisk and gain
> the functionality of linuxrc without either using loadlin or lilo.
Why don't you want lilo? You get a boot prompt from lilo and cann pass
arguments to the kernel... a Good Thing, especially for installation or
rescue floppies.

> 2.) If a linuxrc is found it is executed before the final
> disposition of root is selected. If no change (via
> /proc/sys/kernel/real-root-dev) is specified the ramdisk
> based filesystem is used as root.
Actually, when you say "root=/dev/sda1" to LILO, real-root-dev contains
0x801. No problem.

I'm using this setup for standard system boot. LILO loads the kernel and a
compressed RAM disk from hard disk. /linuxrc tries to load all those pesky
SCSI adapters until it finds one that actually works. The rest is loaded
from disk.

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