Re: ON/OFF-Topic: What's about my pentium???

root (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 19:31:29 GMT

High Morgan!

>> High!
>> May be I am asking stupid things, but:
>Oh no. Dont EVER let some "experten" yankee make you think your
>question is stupid ;)

Thanks for your kind words, Morgan -- and thanks for all others, who
replied my question. I've got all from "read the manuals" to
"The Hacker's Guide to the /proc mysteries" ;-)

>> Another question:
>> What is the correct way to access /proc/kcore for reading out the contents
>> of the memory? A simple "cat" hangs my machine after a few seconds...
>> (I hear the crowd laughing.....) :-).
>cant help ya with that one, yet...
BUT I CAN! (now -- a few mails later ... ;-)
There is no way to access kcore -- it hangs the machine EVER (sniff!)
(But -- what is it for, if not for read/write...?)


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