Re: RFC: Modified FAT filesystem driver?

29 Nov 1996 14:37:15 -0800

In article <>,
Albert Cahalan <> wrote:

>I think you can always find a long filename in win*/desktop,
>or whatever they call it.

Actually, you can look for "ShellIconCache" in win*/, however this is a bad
idea. First, I happen to have several vfat partitions that don't hold the
windows subtree (which so happens to be called win96 on one of my systems,
so you would not even know the location of that directory without looking in
msdos.sys which could be on a different partition that is not even
necessarly mounted).

My point is just that this kind of autodection would have _many_ reasons to
fail. For many people, a mount option would be the only reliable option.


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