Compressed device driver?

Massimiliano GHILARDI (
28 Nov 1996 17:30:26 GMT

I was intersted in a compressed filesystem for Linux and I found this:

> Begin3
> Title: double: on-the-fly disk compression driver for Linux
> Version: 0.4l
> Entered-date: 21APR95
> Description: block driver for on-the-fly, filesystem independent, disk
> compression, with patches for Linux 1.2.5, and utilities
> Keywords: disk compression, double, Linux
> Author: (Jean-Marc Verbavatz)
> Maintained-by: (Jean-Marc Verbavatz)
> Primary-site: /pub/Linux/kernel/patches/diskdrives
> 85057 double-0.4l1.tar.gz
> 707 double-0.4l.lsm
> Alternate-site: /pub/linux/ALPHA/double
> Platform: Linux 1.2.5
> Copying-policy: Freely Restributable, Copyright by Jean-Marc Verbavatz
> End

It is very old, and adapting it to kernel 2.0.xx seems quite
time-consuming (at least for me), but I'd really like to use it
with the 2.0.xx kernels.

Is anyone working on it? Is anyone insterested in it?

Massimiliano Ghilardi