RE: Q: IrDA compliant drivers ?

Flynn, Jason, FLYNNJS (
Wed, 27 Nov 96 08:55:00 UCT

>I started doing something with this, but all I had were adaptec IRDA
>adapters, and they don't work like their manual says (and come up in a
>slow baud rate, and send breaks which linux doesn't like when I attempt
>to program them).
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I've got the two Thinkpads and two Adaptec AIRport2000s. I've had
problems with the AIRports too. I assumed they just sent serial, but
when I tried this TX seemed OK but with RX I found that the first
and/or second bits in each byte were sometimes set high (ie miss
the IR pulse)... Any ideas ?

Whilst adapting a driver to do the echo cancellation (and Collision
Avoidance) we may as well build in support for the 4Mbit/s DMA
style transfer.

No-one has commented about forming an 'IP over IR' alliance...