Linux doing "cooperative multitasking"?

Uwe Bonnes (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 09:13:14 +0100


I use Netscape Version 3.01 on Linux 2.0.25 and XFree 86-3.1.2.F. (Well now
it is Xfree 86-3.2)
At present I preload and, but I had the problems
with and too. Here my problem ( or better

I start netscape on an rxvt-Term. I forgot to send it in the Background by
not giving "&" at the end of the command line. So I hit "^Z" on the terminal I
started netscape. Nothing happens for a long time or at all.

Is Linux doing only "cooperative multitasking"?

I know that that Netscape is broken in many regards, but anyways, i thought
that Linux is doing preemtive multitasking to cope with such broken
programs. And a "^C" on the controlling terminal is honored.

Is my setup broken? Or is there another problem.


(if you get tis message twice, sorry, sent it yesterday to, didn't get something back, so I resent
it to linux-kernel)

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