Linus Torvalds (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 16:33:44 +0200 (EET)

I just put up 2.1.10 on the ftp-sites. This one:

- fixes some of the glaring byte-at-a-time stuff in execve(), and uses a
"strlen_user()" to get the length of arguments from user space instead
of doing it one byte at a time. This is noticeable even on x86, but it
should be _really_ noticeable on alpha and other architectures that
have slow byte accesses.
There are still other byte-at-a-time stuff, and I even have some
patches for them that I've mislaid. I'll get to them (and whoever sent
me patches, could you re-send? I'm not too proud to take advantage of
work done by others, I'm just too disorganized ;)
- this version _should_ work on alpha again, but as my network connection
to my home alpha is down today (damn routers), I haven't been able to
check that my modifications to the alpha "strlen_user()" actually
compile and work. Feel free to send me feedback on that (and/or patches
if required - even if it doesn't work it should at least be _close_).
- floppy 64kB DMA bug hopefully fixed
- cdrom updates: IDE cdrom patches and SCSI CD vendor-specific extension
- serial detection should be fine again
- tulip driver update
- advansys driver update
- aha1542 should work again with 16MB+ memory, at least for disks
(tape/cd probably doesn't work quite yet)
- ext2 byte-order stuff (slowly integrating stuff needed for m68k and
- networking fixes (check exception info etc)