IPV6, PPP and aiieeh killing interrupt

Pedro Roque (roque@di.fc.ul.pt)
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 12:04:19 GMT

>>>>> "Harald" == Harald Hoyer <saturn@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

Harald> When playing along with the ipv6-module in V2.1.9
Harald> sometimes removing ipv6-module "aiieeh killing interrupt"
Harald> is announced.

IPv6 as a module might have some glitches... it keeps a full bunch of
periodic timers inside... it will get better with time.

Harald> When running ppp and ipv6, the system
Harald> completly locks up if pppd is killed.

locks with or without interrupts enabled ? i.e. can you do
Ctl+Alt+ScrollLock ? if so tells us the EIP (after looking in System.map)
where the kernel is looping.

Harald> And (I don`t know if it is a kernel problem)
Harald> IP_MASQUERADING is not functioning with ppp and ipv6
Harald> (Internet over ppp, ipv6 over localnet).

You want to receive ipv4 via ppp and pass data as v6 packets ? :-)
Not that it cannot be done. But hasn't been done yet.

Harald> - tcpdump shows correct packets. - netstat -M reports
Harald> correct masquerading, but all clients can`t connect.

Harald> Maybe ipv6.ports != ipv4.ports ?? (don't know, and don't
Harald> know exactly the correct way of setting up ipv6).

FAQs are on their way.

The TCP and UDP ports really are shared between v4/v6 but we would need
the masquerading support.