IPV6, PPP and aiieeh killing interrupt

Harald Hoyer (saturn@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de)
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 23:52:39 -0100

When playing along with the ipv6-module in V2.1.9 sometimes
removing ipv6-module "aiieeh killing interrupt" is announced.
When running ppp and ipv6, the system completly locks up if pppd is

And (I don`t know if it is a kernel problem) IP_MASQUERADING is not
functioning with ppp and ipv6 (Internet over ppp, ipv6 over localnet).

- tcpdump shows correct packets.
- netstat -M reports correct masquerading, but all clients
can`t connect.

Maybe ipv6.ports != ipv4.ports ?? (don't know, and don't know exactly
the correct way of setting up ipv6).

Help is welcomed.

So long,


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