Re: 2.1.8: Kernel Panic upon IDE Drive Mount

Gadi Oxman (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 05:08:20 +0300 (IST)

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996 wrote:

> I am a very minor-league kernel person. Sorry.
> 2.1.8 on my Gateway P5-75 builds beautifully, but won't boot. Things go along
> just fine until where the fsck would normally occur; the kernel panics at that
> point and nothing in written to any of the log files, rather obviously.
> Pretty much standard IDE configuration; 2 drives + ATAPI CDROM.
> Thanks.
> B.

As of 2.1.8, one can build a kernel with support for ATAPI devices but
without support for IDE disks. Do the "make mrproper" and the "make config"
steps and ensure that IDE disk support is included.