Re: The best filesystem for a BIG news server

Christoph Lameter (
9 Nov 1996 07:34:32 -0800

The machine is stitting in an old style mainframe room with air conditioning. After the last swap action I have removed
the case and we will now leave the machine open. Perhaps that will improve things.

Alan Brown ( wrote:
: In article <55jgip$>,
: Christoph Lameter <> wrote:
: >Note that we are continually swapping drives. No SCSI drive has survived more than 8 Months.
: Check the ambient temperature inside the case too.
: > We are now checking out how the
: >situation is with IDE drives for a newsserver spool.
: IDE drives won't survive as long as SCSI, mainly because the cheap ones
: aren't engineered as well as scsi drives. (good, fast, cheap, pick any two)
: Keeping drives cool is the secret. If the room's ambient temperature is 20C,
: the temperature inside a case with average airflow and a few drives
: installed can quite easily reach 40C, and the drives themselves may well
: exceed 60C.
: At temperatures like that, lifespans are measured in months, sometimes weeks.
: Remember that every 10C increase in semiconductor junction temperature
: halves the device's operating life, and much the same applies to drive
: bearings (platter and servo).
: Seagate won't warranty a Barracuda which hasn't been installed in
: compliance with their required airflow specifications. The number of
: failed 4Gb units I've seen which were in tiny boxes with no airflow is
: astronomical, whereas ones installed with decent amounts of air flowing
: across them last for a few years. It just goes to show that people never
: RTFM, even when doing so would have saved them a few thousand dollars in
: time and replacement costs.
: There's a reason the old-style mainframe rooms were kept cold enough to
: require a woollen jumper to work in them for any length of time. It's a
: pity more people setting up PC based servers don't realise it applies as
: much now as it did 20 years ago.
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