Re: Kernel Upgrade

Alan Brown (
7 Nov 1996 03:36:09 +1300

In article <>, Rob Glover <> wrote:

>What is wrong with Slackware 3.1? I installed it fresh off of
>Infomagic's 6 cd developers resource.. There seemed to be only one thing
>wrong after installation... You have to do a MAKEDEV console to make a
>couple of missing console devices...

there are a few buglets and oopses in the original 3.1 release, but
Patrick has made substantial changes since then - 40 updates according
to the changelog on my mirror ftp server. The most recent are that Xfree86
is now v3.2, some xap and ldso changes.

I wish he'd hurry up and update bind to 4.9.4P1 though. ;-)


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