Re: unusual startup messages

Trevor Johnson (
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 05:11:52 -0801 (PST)

On Thu, 31 Oct 1996, Oskar Pearson wrote:
> Will the kernel be maintained outside the US? Or will crypto code be
> distributed as patches to the kernel? If the kernel is maintained from the
> US, how do we deal with the brain-damaged export restrictions?

On the Web page I noticed the
following, which seems to say that cryptographic software developed
in the United States can be exported to Canada without restriction, and
then exported from Canada, again without restriction. If this is correct,
then a "Canadian connection" would be advantageous for Linux as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are a few issues relating to cryptographic
software that everyone should be aware of:
* The OpenBSD sources are from Canada. It is legal to export crypto
software from Canada to the world.
* However, if you are outside the USA or Canada, you should not
fetch the cryptographic sections of the OpenBSD sources from an
anoncvs server located in the USA. The files in question are...
+ src/kerberosIV/*
+ src/lib/libc/crypt/crypt.c
+ src/lib/libc/crypt/morecrypt.c
Because of the USA ITAR munitions list, crypto software may only
be exported to Canada from the USA.
Trevor Johnson <>