Re: unusual startup messages

. Tethys (
Fri, 01 Nov 1996 10:19:12 +0000

>I see the situation like this: Linus can't code any crypto himself, since
>that would, in effect, be exporting the code in a computer readable
>format. I don't see, however, how they could prevent him from applying
>a ready-made patch to a kernel residing in Finland, since in that case,
>no crypto code would flow from the US. Viewing and downloading the patch
>would also be allowed since AFAIK there are no import restrictions...

Technically, you're right, but you haven't thought of the implications.

Yes, the patch could be written in Finland (for example), then legally
imported into the US, and applied by Linus to the rest of the kernel.
That would then prevent the kernel itself from being exported from the
US. If the kernel is to be maintained in the states, it will have to be
distributed without crypto. Users outside the US would then have to
obtain the crypto patches and apply then to the kernel source themselves.


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