Re: Linux-2.0.24

Agus Budy Wuysang (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 13:10:13 +0700

Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Uhh, the time is now 05:23 AM, and I finally got the 2.0.24 release together.
> Could people please test this out, so that I could at least feel that I
> haven't been up this late (early) for nothing? I'm going to bed,
> Linus

It's working here:

Am486DX4/133 (overclocked to 160)
64Mb RAM
Adaptec AHA2940
3xMicropolis 1GB
Pioneer DRM604X
HP SurestoreTape 6000e

Anybody know where can I get the "atime" news server speedup patch for
(not in!)

Some problems, but not 2.0.24 specific are:
- CD jukebox is not handled properly when playing CDA, like:
for every *manual* track selection change, the system is freezed
for at least 10 seconds, the mouse in X is not moving, caps lock
& num lock won't toggle), the first internal magazine-tray
(out of six) popped back into the magazine, pulled back in
and then played. It does not happen for continuous play (auto next
track change)
This is NOT player problem because I have tried almost every CDA
and they all have this problem. It seemed to be related to SCSI "lun"

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