Re: kernel 2.1.6 (or hell, 2.1.x boot problems)

cmea c/o Stefan Wikstrom (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 00:01:26 +0100

"Andy Wang" <> wrote:
> also, ever since 2.1.0 i have been unable to boot using the 2.1.x kernels.
> the problem comes down to my scsi adapter.
> it's a DTC3290 scsi adapter which uses the adaptec 1542 driver.
> during the boot up process it mounts the root partition /dev/sda1 fine
> but gets as far as filesystem checks when it aborts due to timeouts
> then it just keeps on trying to send resets, but gets continual timeouts
> is anybody else experiencing problems like this?

Yes I have the same problem with my Adaptec AHA-1542CF. I get an
error code from fsck on my usr partition (/dev/sdb1). My root is on a
IDE disk so I get a bit farther than you. All 2.1.x kernels give
this error. Although I haven't tried 2.1.6 yet.