Re: 2.1.6 vs. 2.0.23

Robert Krawitz (
29 Oct 1996 21:45:57 GMT

In article <Pine.3.89.9610291259.A9515-0100000@katric1> Ricardo Kleemann <> writes:

On 29 Oct 1996, Alexander Sanda wrote:

> Well, 2.1.6 compiles without problems (including sound support), so I
> did some benchmarking against 2.0.23.
> NOTE: I'am running 2.0.23 with Robert L. Krawitz's fast-pentium-memcpy
> patch, so the results for 2.0.23 may be a little bit better than
> expected.

Is this patch going to be incorporated into the kernel? Or where can I
get it? Is it good on a pentium as well as PPro?

I haven't had a chance to modify it for 2.1 yet, but I would like to
see Linus put it in 2.1. You can get it from my web page (see my
.signature below). It works on a Pentium Pro, but only delivers a
marginal speedup.

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