Re: sound ioctls used by quake...

. Tethys (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 15:16:26 +0000

>> Linux Quake uses mmapped access to the DMA buffer which doesn't and will
>> not work with GUS classic. That's the reason why Quake doesn't like the
>> result it gets back from the ioctl.
>Is Dave Taylor still the source keeper of LinuxQuake? The latest

Yes, he is. However, it sounds like are having less and less
time to do Linux stuff, despite developing all their software under Linux.
I guess projects that bring in revenue are more important (which is, after
all, the main objective for a commercial company).

He said there wouldn't be a Quake for Sparc Linux, despite the fact that
I'd guess it would be a trivial port from the Intel and Alpha versions :-(
My Pentium is fine at home, but it's nothing like the HyperSparc I've got
at work...


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