Re: sound ioctls used by quake...

James C. Tsiao (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 12:40:02 -0800 (PST) (Sven Neuhaus) wrote:

> > Linux Quake uses mmapped access to the DMA buffer which doesn't and will
> > not work with GUS classic. That's the reason why Quake doesn't like the
> > result it gets back from the ioctl.
> Is Dave Taylor still the source keeper of LinuxQuake? The latest
> DOS version of Quake now supports the GUS classic - it'd be a shame if
> someone with this card had to run DOS in order to get sound.
> How hard would it be to rewrite the sound routines so they do not require
> mmap capability to DMA buffers?

There is an alternative GUS sound driver for linux. It is called
ultra-<version>.tgz or somesuch on sunsite and mirrors. I'm not
on my linux box right now so I don't have the exact path. This
driver will allow you to use linux quake on a GUS classic. I've
tried it and it works fine. This driver seems to cause problems
with xanim sound though. You can supposedly have both this driver
and the kernel sound driver installed at the same time, although
I haven't tried this yet.

Hope this helps,


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