Re: 2.0.20

Joey Hess (
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 00:28:59 -0400 (EDT)

> I had the same thing happen to me yesterday:
> Sep 29 05:09:30 kite kernel: Unable to load interpreter
> Sep 29 05:09:33 kite last message repeated 2 times
> In /var/log/messages, the above lines are followed by 86506 copies of the
> \0 character and then the log resumes with normal messages.
> I see that unable to load interpretor is in binfmt_elf.c. I'm running
> linux 2.0.21 on an all-elf debian system.
> At 5:00 each morning, my system sends out a slew of email messages (about
> 300 each day), and that was probably still going on when the above error
> showed up so the system was under a bit of load at the time..

Sorry to follow up to my own message, but I found another piece of the

smail's paniclog file:

09/29/96 09:09:44: [m0v7Hse-000Cu6C] cannot open /var/log/smail/logfile:
File table overflow

09/29/96 09:09:44: [m0v7Hse-000Cu6C] cannot open /var/log/smail/paniclog:
File table overflow

Smail is my mail transport agent.. I presume I ran out of filehandles or

#!/usr/bin/perl -i\$q='$q',\$p='$p';eval\$q.\$\^I\n"#  #
$q='print"$p$^I\n',$p='#!/usr/bin/perl -i';eval$q.$^I  #          Joey Hess
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