XT Hard Drive driver breaks pre2.1.0#4 (boot-time oops)

Mark Montague (monty@gg.caltech.edu)
27 Sep 1996 05:45:51 GMT

I just tried pre2.1.0#4 on my 486DX2-66 EISA Buslogic BT747 system.
When I first tried it, it oopsed with "unable to handle kernel paging
request" with backtrace: check_partition, xd_geninit, setup-dev,
resetup_one_dev, device_setup, sys_setup...

I don't actually have an XT hard drive right now, I just had it
configged because I had aspirations of scavenging one... Anyway,
removing the XT driver turns this into a success story... I can give
oops details if anyone is interested, but it was a transcribe-by-hand
situation, so I won't unless asked; I figured it's worth a mention
just because compiling the XT driver without an XT harddrive installed
is probably unusual.

Also, I had a weirdness in 2.0.21 while building pre2.1.0: I tried a
df during the build, which hung uninterruptably (ignored all signals).
The kernel build was fine until the sync at the end, which also hung
(as did a sync I tested in another window). I tried to shutdown
cleanly, and it marked the filesystems clean despite having umount
problems and hanging. Shrug.

for the record

- M

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