Re: Distributed Recompense (was Re: Money)

Daniel S. Barclay (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 12:15:50 -0400

Frank Wales <> wrote:

> Linus said...
> >I _really_ don't want money.
> [wavey special effect shimmers us into the future, where we find a
> message wait for us in]
> "Linus Torvalds suffers ...
> While you're reading this message, please take the time to
> find a small item within arms reach of you, stuff it into an
> envelope and send it to Linus, care of The Most Annoyed Post Office
> in the World, Finland. Anything will do, ...

> [...just as we start to reach for the wallet of HP-41 magnetic cards, ...

Hey! I've got some of them!

ObLinuxKernel: So is 2.0.22 pretty stable, and fairly likely to be one of
the last of the 2.0.x kernels?


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