Re: 2.0.21 PTY patch (was: Bug in pty re-usage)

Winfried Truemper (
26 Sep 1996 18:17:40 GMT

Thorsten Kuehnemann ( wrote:

: With that patch you can't open a pty-master if there is an old process
: always running at the slave side of the pty. This emulates the behaviour
: of HP-UX 10, Solaris 2.4, Sinix 5.42 and SCO OS5 and makes programs
: like screen, script, xconsole, old xterm and others work with Linux-2.0.X
: even under special conditions.

I can only stress the importantness of this patch. It's really
annoying if you have 5 users/day telling you they couldn't log in via
telnet ... another 5 which got xterms without a shell-prompt.