Beer (was: Money )

Otmar Lendl (
26 Sep 1996 14:14:10 GMT

[way off-topic]

Linus Torvalds <torvalds@cs.Helsinki.FI> wrote:
>As to the person who suggested beer - oh Gods. The Finnish customs people are
>all ex-Nazis, and they've gotten a lot grumpier since their austere leader
>shot his brains out. They have a bad day EVERY DAY. Their only joy in life is
>to confiscate alcohol from abroad.

That may apply to beer sent from the US (but who would want that anyway ?),
but what about beer sent from within the EU ?
We had no problems brining beer into Sweden this summer, but I don't know
if Finnland's customs are different from the swedish ones.

Exporting beer from Finnland doesn't seem to be that much of a hassle,
as the Lenigrad Cowboys brought a lot of their brew to the concerts in


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