Re: Dialing into a Windows NT RAS connection.

Steven N. Hirsch (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 06:53:42 -0400

Daniel Linder wrote:
> Just a quick question (but not directly kernel related -- sorry). Does
> anyone know what protocol Windows NT RAS servers use on the line? I have
> an NT box setup at work for dialin, but I have to boot back into Win95 to
> dial in. Anyone heard of connecting to an NT box from a non-Microsoft OS
> machine?
> Thanks!
> Dan


Yes, this IS off-topic. However, I routinely use linux PPP to connect
with an Alpha-NT RAS server. Get your hands on the latest PPP
distribution (ppp-2.2.0f at the time of this posting) and take a look at
the file called: README.mschap80. You must apply it as a patch, then
rebuild pppd. Follow the directions for configuring chap-secrets

Good luck!