Re: Bug in pty re-usage

Lars Fenneberg (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 23:53:07 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi all!

You, Thorsten Kuehnemann, said:

> In Olaf Titz <> wrote:
> >If a master pty is closed and then re-opened while the client side
> >remains open, the second open of the master side will succeed. I think
> >this is incorrect behaviour. It can lead to a situation where a new
> >master allocates the same pty and ends up with two slaves on the same
> >slave device.
> noone answered to that problem in the last five weeks, but at least
> Thomas Roessler <> and i have problems with
> linux-2.0.X pty's too:
> We found that Linux 2 breaks some pty-programs, e.g. xconsole, script, screen,
> old X11R6 xterms, some pty-programs work (in.telnetd).

I have seen similiar problems with a combination of xterms and scipt.
script started to return immediately without doing anything and I had
to start another xterm (allocating another pty) to make script run

Just to let you know that there are other people suffering from this


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