Re: booting Linux from a dos box in win3.1

Mike Bristow (
04 Sep 1996 23:18:27 +0100

I guess this isn't a kernel issue, so my apologies for continuing an
inappropriate thread...

Justin Dossey <> writes:

> On Tue, 3 Sep 1996, Squiz wrote:
> > The fastest method, which I currently use at the moment, is to install
> > 'lilo', set up your default os (Linux/Windoze) and when you want to boot
> > the other just hold down the left shift key during booting, no config.sys
> > to load or anything, and much faster :)
> I believe you meant 'loadlin', so if I may,
No, I'm pretty sure he didn't. Can't be sure though.

Loadlin: Loads linux from a _real_ DOS prompt.

Lilo: Loads just about any O/S when the machine boots, including MS-DOS,
OS/2, Free-BSD, Linux, BouncingBobTheHappyOS, you name it.

When Lilo is installed, when you turn the machine on it'll ask(*) you what OS
you feel like, then boot it.


* if you configure it to, of course. Me, I use linux most of the time, so
it'll load that unless I ask it not to...

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