booting Linux from a dos box in win3.1

0xdeadbeef (
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 21:50:14 -0400 (EDT)

okay, this is a touch offtopic for this list, but if anybody knows how to
do the following they're probably on the list. basically, i need to know
if it's at all possible to boot Linux from a Windows 3.1 DOS box without
exiting Windows. if there's something that's alpha-test of
semi-functional out there, please let me know. if not, is there any code
to get started? does anybody know what would actually have to be done?
i'd possibly be able to adapt existing code, but i've done a decent bit
of C for user level code but basically no kernel or bootloader
programming. i'm currently taking courses to better my knowledge of
programming (i'm at a university, after all). even some pointers would be

Another thing that would work (though this is really off-topic) would be
a program runnable from a DOS box that would kick the computer back to
DOS, in a stable enough state to use LOADLIN.

Thanks in advance for any info. I realize that this is a bit offtopic,
but if it doesn't exist i'm going to try to write it.

Simon Karpen