Re: Console driver problem ?

Michael Driscoll (
Tue, 3 Sep 1996 12:11:17 -0700

>I've just discovered a small problem I'm having with the console and
>Linux 2.0.
>Problem description:
>While using VC1 (ALT-F1 on my computer), the driver seems to miss some
>caracters (even when typing very slowly so it's not a typing overload :-) )
>Sometimes caracters do not appear on the screen when I type then, instead
>I hear a beep. This is even with a just-rebooted system. It happends ONLY
>with VC1, not VC2,3,4 or whatever, and X11 works perfectly.

I seem to remember that somebody else on the list was having trouble with
exactly the same symptoms as this when they were starting programs with
inittab in the following manner:

top > /dev/tty6

ie. run top on VC6. The solution was to use the program "open" for this
purpose. Are you starting any programs in this way that might be soaking
up characters from your STDIN on VC1?
Mike Driscoll