Re: Console driver problem ?
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 14:40:45 -0400

Christophe Dupre ( wrote:

>>> While using VC1 (ALT-F1 on my computer), the driver seems to miss some
>>> caracters (even when typing very slowly so it's not a typing overload :-)

Michael Droscoll replied:

>> I seem to remember that somebody else on the list was having trouble with
>> exactly the same symptoms as this when they were starting programs with
>> inittab in the following manner:
>> top > /dev/tty6

Christophe Dupre responded:

> I DO run top, but redirect it to tty12. I've been doing this since 1.2
> and never had any problem before. I'll try disabling top, but I doubt it
> will do any good.

Sounds like the same problem I had with top running in /dev/tty9 from inittab

Thanks to (William E. Roadcap), et al, I now have the problem
solved by using:

/usr/bin/top </dev/tty9 >/dev/tty9 2>&1 in my /etc/inittab

I, also, had no previous problem, until procps-1.01 or some kernel change
fixed something that previously allowed incorrect behavior of redirected

And I thought I already knew everything ;^> (Maybe if I read some of the
sitting on my shelf I would be closer!!)

Hope this helps,
Darrell A. Escola
Clovis, California, USA