Re: Now for something entirely different - CPU-fans.

babydr (
Sun, 1 Sep 1996 20:36:57 -0700 (PDT)

Gentle sirs, I am not sure what manufaturer it was
although very much not 'CPU-Cool' fans.

We had just recently (<2-3 months) & the cheeeaaapppppp
fans had no bearings , I Swear it, and failed in that time
frame to the point of over heating the CPU . The fan had
actually stopped rotating. 8-{

& was just a real small (relatively) heater. If I can
find the gut of the dead one I'll post the manufacturer.


On Sun, 1 Sep 1996, Steve Dossick wrote:

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> To: Edward Welbon <>
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> Subject: Re: Now for something entirely different - CPU-fans.
> In message <>, Edward Welbon writes:
> > Does anyone use PC Power and Cooling, Inc. "CPU-Cool" fans on a P6? I
> > read interesting claim in one of their advertisements. The claim states
> > that some fans have poorly designed bearings which in time wear causing
> > noise and inevitably, extra frictional heat which detracts from the utlity
> > of the heat sink. I have no idea how much extra heat could be dissapated
> > by a worn fan, but on other chips, the CPU-Cool fan/heat-sinks seem to run
> > very cool (even at elevated Mhz in closed cases). My P6's are noticably
> > warm to the touch. I was curious of the experience of other P6 users.
> > Personal email will be fine.
> >
> I've used them in various PCs I've bought over the years (for business and
> personal use)...I've never had any of their parts fail. Other
> manufacturer's fans have flat-out stopped working after a year or two.
> /steve