Re: Now for something entirely different - CPU-fans.

Steve Dossick (
Sun, 01 Sep 1996 14:05:09 -0400

In message <>, Edward Welbon writes:
> Does anyone use PC Power and Cooling, Inc. "CPU-Cool" fans on a P6? I
> read interesting claim in one of their advertisements. The claim states
> that some fans have poorly designed bearings which in time wear causing
> noise and inevitably, extra frictional heat which detracts from the utlity
> of the heat sink. I have no idea how much extra heat could be dissapated
> by a worn fan, but on other chips, the CPU-Cool fan/heat-sinks seem to run
> very cool (even at elevated Mhz in closed cases). My P6's are noticably
> warm to the touch. I was curious of the experience of other P6 users.
> Personal email will be fine.

I've used them in various PCs I've bought over the years (for business and
personal use)...I've never had any of their parts fail. Other
manufacturer's fans have flat-out stopped working after a year or two.