Re: 2.0.12 stinks

Herbert Rosmanith (
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 13:12:19 +0200 (MET DST)

> 2.0.12 is broken - feels like 2.1.12 -
> specifically NCR53C7,8xx support is broken -
> now confirmed on two machines - but:
> there are no patches in patch-2.0.12 applying
> to the NCR53C7,8xx, so something else got to
> be it.
> Arno

what behaviour are you seeing ? I experienced the
following from 1.3.5? to 2.0.10: a phantom NCR is
being probed at 0x350. this makes my system hang,
because the ncr-driver will then detect a busy card
at 0x350, since inport(0x350)=0xff which means SR_BSY
is always 1.

the driver will then try to send some abort command
to the phantom card and will then just hang, thus
blocking any further booting.

go to linux/drivers/scsi/Makefile and uncomment the
EXTRA_FLAGS = -DGENERIC_... { 0x350, ...
maybe that helps.

nb: this error cost me about a day of searching the f*cking bug...