Totally off-topic : The current state of "affairs"

Peter K (
Fri, 9 Aug 1996 12:24:59 +0200 (SAT)


This is _not_ fair.

Today is a public holiday here and no new kernel. The next development
phase has not started yet (despite the "one month" you wanted to rest has
come and gone) and yet you released 2.0.10 (?) with the remark "so we don't
suffer too much from withdrawal symptoms" (paraphrased), so you _should_

I had to practise typing "zless patch-{x}.{y}.{zz}.gz", "zcat <blah, blah> |
patch -p1 -s", "make xconfig" and <breathessly> "reboot" ... My box is so
stable that it is becoming utterly boring. I actually had to recompile
fdisk-3.0.4 to re-aquaint myself with gcc (ok, pine3-95 was released, but I
just wanna make a point). The last time I ran "alpha" is much longer than a
month ago. To my knowledge Alan submitted some TCP patches which haven't
been officially released yet, and you should have forseen in 1991 that your
academic and private life would suffer and ...

(bitch-bich / moan-moan continuing ad infinitum but abbreviated for

Leniency, please ...

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