Re: Linux <-> Apple Laser 16/600 [TCP problems??]

Alan Shutko (
Thu, 08 Aug 1996 19:24:44 -0500

>>>>> "MA" == Mikael Abrahamsson <> writes:

MA> We have run a setup of a linux 1.2.13 machine and an Apple 16/600
MA> Laserprinter (postscript) for almost a year now, but when I
MA> upgraded to 2.0.x I suddenly got problems.

I had the same problems here, exactly. LPRng 2.0.something from a
Solaris 2.5 box would work (and still does), wouldn't work from the
Linux 2.0. Neither would the latest LPRng.

My solution was simply to use netatalk (which I have running for LW
Select 360s). Never did figure out why the other wasn't working.

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