Re: Microsoft FAT 32.

Pascal Haible (
31 Jul 1996 08:38:11 GMT

In article <9607300901.AA12472@vodka>,
Eamon Hughes. (Work: Home: <> wrote:
>FAT32 provides the following enhancements over previous
>implementations of the FAT file system: - Supports drives up to 2
>Terabytes in size.
Raising an arbitrary limit by 1E3 ? This can't be microsoft, this is forged

>- Uses space more efficiently. FAT 32 uses smaller
>clusters (e.g. 4kb clusters for drives up to 8GB in size),
I hope this won't scale the way it does on FAT:
==> 8k clusters for 16GB, ... , 1MB clusters for 2TB drives...


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