Re: Microsoft FAT 32.

Jacob Praamsma (
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 18:19:48 -0700


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I cut all of the preceeding info on the file system,

I have been using Win95 OSR2 for the last few weeks, and it runs GREAT!
I've formatted my hard disk using FAT32, And I must say, It is fast, and
I have a 1.2 gig drive and a 3.1 gig (both IDE) they are formatted with

The 1.2 is nearly full, and has +/- 10 MB slack(wasted Space) the 3.1 is
45% full (with very small files)
and has a slack of 20MB, hence FAT32, is very efficient.

Also I don't know if it is an improvement in the Win95 architechture, or
the file system,
but windows appears to react quicker, load programs faster, and data files
I didn't upgrade anything aside from the OS, so it's not the hardware.

Win95 OSR2 should be out to OEMs in late september, I think, (by means of
scuttle butt, don't quote me here)

FAT32, doesn't scale Clusters like FAT12 and FAT16. 4K all the way! :)
It makes for some interesting changes to MS-DOS though:
Any hardware paging programs, like doom, heretic, and such, don't work,
Games are out of the question, because they need DOS device drivers for
CD-ROM and soundcard.
CD-ROM and soundcard device drivers won't work, also :(
No DOS for those hardcore users anymore :(

Bye :)