Re: Ramdisk Bug?

Michael Lausch (
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 11:12:54 +0200

>>>>> "John" == John Storrs <> writes:

John> Hi all
John> Having a few problems with 2.0.8 as a result of trying to rebuild a
John> disk using yard-1.5. The ramdisk driver doesn't seem to work
John> The last time I did this was with 1.3.80 or so - no problems then. I
John> a 32Mb pentium system. I built the kernel with the ramdisk and
initial ramdisk
John> options enabled. The ramdisk devices /dev/ram[0-7] and /dev/initrd
are correct.

Same problem here.

Have you found any solution yet?

[error description deleted]

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