Re: Colorado T4000 support for FTAPE?

Jos Vos (
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 22:13:55 +0200 (MET DST)

> Is the HP Colorado T4000 (as opposed to the T1000 which *is*
> supported) able to run with ftape as seen in kernel 2.0.7? I need to
> replace my QIC-02 drive and would rather go for the 4GB T4000 than the
> 800M T1000 (is that right?).

I think the T4000 is a SCSI-drive, isn't it? So it will probably
be supported by the normal SCSI tape drivers, which don't have a
relation with the ftape, QIC-02, or IDE/ATAPI tape drivers.

I'm interested in experiences with the T4000 too - any experiences so far?

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