Re: Not a bible thumper. . .

Louis J. LaBash Jr. (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 13:05:56 -0500 (CDT)

|> b) I _really_ hate "politically correct". I don't mean I find it mildly
|> disconcerting, I mean I _really_ dislike it. I find politically correct stuff
|> so tasteless that I'd rather shake hands with a whore with AIDS (yes, that
|> _was_ meant to be politically incorrect) than one of the "bible thumpers"

This isn't a political issue, or even a religious issue, and for whores
and AIDS: that's a health issue.

|OK, this thread I think got way out of hand.. I even said in the original
|message that I didn't necessarily want the things changed, except for maybe
|removing that one printk line. I got flames up the ass from people around the
|world thinking I'm some anal-retentive up-tight person, which is not the case
|at all.

You did the correct thing, you pointed out something.

|I've only stepped inside of a church once.. for a wedding.. so, I'm definitely
|not some type of religious nut. :)

If you went to church every day what is wrong with that, and if you never
went to church, nothing wrong there either. Religion is a very personal
issue and freedom of choice (even the choice of none) is paramount.

|I just know that if one of my programs at work printed out a line like that, I
|would be in deep shit.

There is nothing anti/pro religion about the words mentioned, unless Sun
is a religion: the other word explains how we go here :-)

Louis-ljl-{ |}