Re: e2fsprogs incompatibility

Ronald Wahl (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 20:20:11 +0200 (MET DST)

On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, John Storrs wrote:

> Hi all
> There is a compatibility problem with the new kernels and e2fsprogs-1.02
> (the latest on sunsite). I'm running 2.0.8. Linux/include/linux/ext2_fs.h
> is different to ext2_fs.h in the e2fs package. EXT2_FIRST_INO has been renamed
> and the name used for another purpose. When compiling, the kernel version
> is included as <linux/ext2_fs.h>, so there are compiler errors. I temporarily
> tweaked the links so the package file was used to compile. The resulting
> programs failed one of the tests (f_dup2) but passed the other 26, so I hope
> I'm on safe ground using them.

The latest release of e2fsprogs is 1.04 and it can be found on under /pub/linux/packages/ext2fs. If compiling
fails try out the binaries.


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