Re: Alternate solutions (Was: Re: NFS still has caching problem)

Matthew X Economou (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 09:47:10 -0500

>>>>> "CH" == Chai Harjo <> writes:

CH> Why don't you try AFS (Andrew File System)?

Hey, even cooler would be work on creating freely-available[1] DFS and
DCE clients and servers. I wonder if OSF has pubished the specs to
either yet?

CH> BTW, I never use AFS on Linux. What is the status of AFS port
CH> to Linux?

AFS clients exist for both Linux 1.2.13 and Linux 2.0.4[2]. My
machine was upgraded to the 2.0.4 client (and Linux 2.0!!) yesterday
and all has been working quite well. Unfortunately, AFS is a Transarc
product...not freely available.

[1] Is anyone at the FSF working on this stuff (or any other OSF
software)? Developers might want to coordinate their efforts with
the FSF.

[2] I believe there is an AFS mailing list (""
...not real certain exactly where though).

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