Re: Admin util wish list

lilo (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 07:17:25 -0500 (CDT)

On 17 Jul 1996, John Henders wrote:

> >Todd Graham Lewis <> writes:
> >>fstat BSD what files are open, by whom, and how.
> >See 'fuser' in the procps package. I believe this is more or less
> >exactly the same thing.

Selection criteria are a little weak with fuser. Also, it won't do a global
display (i.e., all users, all files). The latest fuser (in psmisc 12) will
do sockets, but again selection criteria are rather limited.

> There's also a port of lsof which does similar things.

My impression from running lsof is that the selection criteria are the
reverse of fuser in the sense of being a bit arcane. Also, lsof wants to be
recompiled at the drop of a hat....a native implementation using the proc
filesystem would probably work better....