RE: This doesn't belong in 2.0.x !!!

phil lewis (
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 11:39:08 -0600 (MDT)

Phil Lewis dons pointy hat and quotes thusly:

Don't have a cow, man.

> Linus, Hannu, I appreciate all the effors that you're trying
>to put into making Linux a high-quality kernel. But, why the h*ll
>are you trying to change the sound driver so much? It was fine the
>way it was in 2.0.0 before the update! In 2.0.4, I get the following

Whole buncha compiler messages deleted.

> This is all because of ONE SEMICOLON, which is fixed in the
>following patch. I thought that errors like this aren't supposed to
>happen in production kernels such as 2.0.x.

Gee Whiz! If you had paid $350.00US for it you'd have room to complain.
I, personally, am glad to have Linux missing semicolons and all.
I mean, well, if it were not for Linux I might be roaming the streets
looking for drugs or prostitutes or something. Hannu and Linus have my
highest admiration (apple-polishing mode off).

Arthur's patch is included below for those who have not used it yet.

Phil Lewis (Lord of the Lamers)

--- linux/drivers/sound/sb_common.c.orig Mon Jul 8 06:56:14 1996
+++ linux/drivers/sound/sb_common.c Mon Jul 8 06:56:22 1996
@@ -1173,7 +1173,7 @@
hw_config->name = "Sound Blaster 16";
hw_config->irq = -devc->irq;
- sb16_set_mpu_port(devc, hw_config)
+ sb16_set_mpu_port(devc, hw_config);

case MDL_ESS: