Re: sound breaks 2.0.4 compile

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Mon, 8 Jul 96 17:02 +0200

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From: Olaf Titz <>
Subject: Re: Broke Makefile in Linux.
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Date: 08 Jul 1996 17:02:23 +0200
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> >The last time this was brought up someone said that you would need
> >to put each config option in its own *.h file.

Yes. The whole point about Makefile rules and dependencies is that you
can specify exactly what depends on what. If an option does not
depend on anything else, put it in its own file.

The main problems with this approach are not really problems IMHO:
many tiny files - okay, we already have these. :-)

A need to change just about every file in the source tree - this has
to be done just once; instead of a patch distribute a script that
makes the changes automatically.

Explosion in dependencies - no, the typical source file in the kernel
references just three or four CONFIG_xxx items. This is precisely why
autoconf.h is severely broken.

> >That's very gross I know but I think it would be very fast
> >with cpp watching the timestamps instead of make.
> No thanks, it should be make's job to determine what gets "made"

Yes, that's make's job. Make is not really that slow; I suspect the
many recursive make invocations cost more time than the dependancy


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