Re: NCR benchmarking

Robert L Krawitz (
Sun, 7 Jul 1996 21:14:28 -0400

My experience with the BSD driver in 2.0.3: large stream writes are
slightly faster than with Drew's (6.0 vs. 5.6 MB/sec with my
configuration). Stream reads are somewhat slower (5.2 vs. 6.4
MB/sec). In both cases, the BSD driver used more CPU time (about 7
seconds for 128 MB vs. 6 with Drew's driver). The random seek portion
of Bonnie may have been to the BSD driver's advantage, but not by much
(110-120 ops/sec vs. 95-105 with Drew's driver).

As for the real test -- startup of X, including Netscape and emacs --
neither driver had an obvious advantage.

Robert Krawitz <> 

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