Re: PAS16 and /dev/audio

Mark E. Levitt (
Sun, 7 Jul 1996 20:55:37 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 7 Jul 1996, Jochen Toppe wrote:

> Well, got 2.0.2 and 2.0.3, and they both have a peculiar
> problem: I can play .wav files fine, but a cat > /dev/audio
> will result in _very_ disorted sound. This worked fine under
> 2.0 (I think =) with the same settings I'm using now. By the
> way, it's a PAS16 sound board. I have enabled /dev/audio and /dev/dsp
> support, that's not it...

Same problem hear (pun intended). I discovered that if you enable
sound blaster support (say Y to SB Support and set IRQ to 5 DMA to 1)
then if you cat the .au file to /dev/audio1 it comes out right. (well,
the quality isn't as good but...)

Bascially, it works running through the sound blaster emulation on the
pas16 card, but not through the pas16 mode...


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